"TH6: Toronto For Everyone Resident Artists"
From left to right: Ming-Bo, Romana, Laura, Paul, Alicia, Ana
Photo Credit: Ryan Pakyam

By: TH6 Team

What do you get when you put six artists from different backgrounds and areas of creative expertise together and ask them to create an art installation in one week? The Honest 6ix, of course!

Last year, each of us answered CSI’s "Toronto for Everyone" call to participate. Though we had varying reasons for applying to the Artist Residency, we all felt a connection to Honest Ed’s in our personal and creative lives. Our name pays tribute to Honest Ed’s, which, by closing, inadvertently brought us together; Toronto, which Drizzy, aka Drake, nicknamed “The 6”; and the six of us who form the group:

Laura Barrett - music, teaching, improvisation, games and play;

Ana Jofre - puppet-building, 3D sculptures, electronics;

Romana Kassam - murals, visuals, aesthetics, crafting;

Ming-Bo Lam - dance and choreography;

Paul Moliere - video installation, projections, mirrors, older/analog video equipment, projection mapping; and

Alicia Payne - acting, writing, facilitating, teaching, producing.

Yesterday was the first day of our official Artist Residency and we are pumped!  We were joined by a few special friends who helped us start pulling it together. “Thank you, Friends!” We’ll tell you more about them in another blog since we don’t want to reveal what we’re up to yet. 

We were warmly welcomed into the CSI community and onto an incredible team of dedicated individuals who are making Toronto for Everyone happen. It’s amazing! We were invited to embrace each other's creative practices. Our goal is not to stick to what we know and each do our own thing. Our goal is to combine our expertise to create a collective experience for us and for you. In doing so, we’re reaching beyond our individual comfort zones. None of us had previously worked together before. We’ve had supportive guidance through several planning meetings and have become an integrated group. Now we’re into our actual seven-day Residency. It’s so much fun!

A character in a famous movie says, “If you build it, he will come…People will come.”  We built it. Now we’re filling it in. Will you come?