By: TH6

The first few days of our Honest Ed's residency have been a blur! Day 1 was a solid eleven hours spent building a wooden structure that changes the look and flow of the rugs and linen section, to fulfill our artistic vision for the space. We had the help and guidance of five amazing friends, and even though many of us had never built anything like it before, the work went smoothly and happily. And, nobody injured themselves with power tools!

After taking care of the largest physical piece, we split the work into different areas of specialization (sewing, painting, curating, research, assembly, wiring...), and have been steadily working on those since Monday. Since our wooden structure separates us into three areas, it's as if we're in three rooms of a very large house, calling to each other beyond walls when we need assistance or clarity.

In addition to the physical labour, this residency has also been a great mental workout, as we've needed to delegate responsibilities, stay within our budget, determine priorities, and be expert communicators in a team that didn't exist a couple of months ago. It's a testament to our commitment and excitement that we remain on-track and energetic about the work still to come.

It's not just us in the building - every day, we interact with Toronto For Everyone staff, volunteers, other artists, cleaners, and numerous maintenance and construction personnel who have been dealing with the challenges of putting together such a huge and multifaceted event in such an unusual building. Everyone here is fully engaged in making this a weekend to remember. We've dealt with leaks, splinters, unlabelled circuit breakers, and stomach ailments - we're not stopping until we've created an appropriate tribute to Ed Mirvish's beautifully bizarre enterprise and spirit!

More to come!