By: Dawn Laing, Artist Manager - @loraxgirl on all things social

As part of our a-MAZE-ment series you will get to see numerous works of art spanning the genres of theatre, dance, film and visual arts. Some pieces you will be fully immersed, others you will be able to step back and enjoy. Through our blog series, we hope to introduce you to a smattering of the artists we will be featuring as part of a-MAZE-ment. Everyone has a story and we want you to hear it.

Today we would like to introduce you to Toronto artist, Kyle White. He is bringing an immersive light experience to Honest Ed’s a-MAZE-ment that is sure to magically engulf your visual and auditory senses. There’s more to Kyle than LED lights and musical overtones - get to know him via the Q&A below:

6IX Questions:

From Burning Man to Camp Reset to Personal Parties your work can be found all over! Thank you so much for bringing your brand of creative expression to Honest Ed’s a-MAZE-ment! Now, some quick questions so people can get to know you a bit better..

1: Can you introduce yourselves and a bit about your practice?
I’m a Toronto-based interactive installation designer. I enjoy creating projects which engage the crowd and create a space for play.

2. What does Honest Ed’s mean to you?
When I first moved to Toronto I lived on Bathurst, just down from Honest Ed’s, so the space has always had a strong connection with me getting my start here.

3. Why do/How do you think your project pays homage to Honest Ed’s/Toronto?
A final send off to the space before it becomes something new is a GREAT way to pay tribute to both the ever changing city as well as Honest Ed’s itself.

4. What does it mean to you to be a part of this project?
I’m happy to be able to create something alongside so many talented and dedicated individuals.

5. What is your dream project?
Working with friends to create an experience enjoyed by many.

6. If someone wanted to see more of your work, where should they go? (eg - website and/or upcoming shows).. You know.. Because this entire exhibit will go down with the ship!
Sadly no website :( but keep your eyes peeled. You never know what’s next.

Kyle would like to thank his amazing set up crew of Katie Perconti, Nabeel Kassam and Andrea Ouellette. Also a very special thanks to Brad Neil for having us continue with the project!

You can visit this elusive artist’s works drenching the pedway between the East and West building. Make some noise or take it quietly as AURORA interacts with sound and it’s up to you to create your experience. Find tickets here.