We recognize that the land on which the event takes place has been the traditional land of the Huron-Wendat, the Seneca, and most recently, the Mississaugas of the Credit River. We also recognize that Honest Ed’s was a building built by the Mirvish family who created a retail store that was inclusive of everyone.

We understand the contradiction in tearing down a building that was known for being inclusive and celebrating a farewell party with the theme of “Toronto For Everyone”. We also understand the pressures that urbanization places on people - neighbourhood changes can bring hope and despair, new opportunities or lack-thereof, belonging or exclusion, and everything in between. But it’s also in these moments of contradictions that people from different experiences meet and can be encouraged to work together. We hope to honour Honest Ed’s spirit of inclusivity by hosting “Toronto For Everyone” where the event is used as a reminder of what the store has meant to different people and to continue its legacy of creating spaces in Toronto where everyone belongs.


1. What is the Centre for Social Innovation?

The Centre for Social Innovation (CSI) was founded in 2004 in Toronto and is one of the first co-working spaces in the world. We are a non-profit social enterprise that is home to over 1000 social mission organizations working across every sector to foster a world where we put people and planet first. We are absolutely thrilled to have this unique opportunity for city building to honour the legacy of Honest Ed’s and celebrate the future of Toronto by bringing together the best this city has to offer. Toronto for Everyone embodies our work fuelling a new economy that is inclusive, collaborative and solutions driven.

2. What is Honest Ed’s?

A Toronto landmark for tourists and an entertaining shopping experience for all,  Honest Ed's was a one-of-a-kind bargain centre that had everything from wine to twine. It was named for its proprietor, Ed Mirvish, who opened the store in 1948 and oversaw its operations for almost 60 years, until his passing in 2007. Beyond his bargain prices and punny ways, Ed was known for his ability to bring people together and build community in wacky ways: roller derbies, 72-hour dance marathons, free turkey giveaways, to name a few. Perhaps most important of all, Honest Ed’s was a model for inclusivity. Everyone, no matter how you looked, what you did, or how much you made - was welcome at Ed’s. Whether you made a purchase or simply enjoyed walking around and browsing everything from kitchenwares, clothing, toys, fabrics, to knick-knacks (SO MANY knick-knacks!), Ed’s had a way of instilling wonder and making you feel at home. Needless to say, a place like this happens once in a lifetime...sometimes...never!!!

3. Who is Westbank Corp and what is their mission?

Westbank has built a practice around long-term commitments to artistry, sustainability and city-building. These commitments underlie an orientation towards projects like Woodwards, Vancouver House, Mirvish Village, Telus Garden and Oakridge – catalysts for larger change that go beyond the borders of the projects themselves. We are here to create. To provoke. To ignite. We are the vehicle for a new movement of cultural expression.

The core of Westbank’s mission is to create a body of work with a high degree of artistry that helps foster more equitable and beautiful cities. Westbank is active across Canada and in the United States, with projects including luxury residential, Five Star hotels, retail, office, rental, district energy systems, affordable housing initiatives and public art. Established in 1992, we are one of North America’s leading developers, with offices in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Seattle, Shanghai, Beijing, Taiwan, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Shenzhen and over 25 billion dollars of projects completed or under development.

4. What is the vision for Mirvish Village

Mirvish Village is conceived as a purpose-built rental community, one that will eventually be home to over 2000 Torontonians. Some apartments will be available at below-market rents and almost half will be designed for families. Instead of generic retail space, the Village will be anchored by a true market hall and micro-retail for small business & entrepreneurs.

Instead of architecture that is monolithic, Mirvish Village will be an innovative collection of smaller buildings with a fine grain character, a public park, and generous public spaces that put pedestrians first. Instead of the token retention of façades, we will conserve almost every Victorian house on Markham Street. Similarly, rather than superficial nods towards sustainability, we have collaborated with Creative Energy, our neighbourhood energy business, on a strategy that will see Mirvish Village generate genuine carbon reductions and increase the resiliency of Toronto’s electrical grid by incorporating a cogeneration plant.

5. What is Toronto for Everyone?

Toronto for Everyone (TO4E) is the city we want to co-create. A place where we all belong, where we can see ourselves--our cultures, our ideals, our history--in the very fabric of our city. We believe that Toronto can be the global model for inclusivity, community and social innovation. Honest Ed’s may be closing its doors, but Ed’s legacy is his unique ability to foster community can carry on. For years, Ed opened his doors to immigrant families, hosted street parties and gave away free turkeys. Now it’s time for us to carry the torch through all of our city and community building initiatives, starting with TO4E this February 23-26, 2017.

6. When is Toronto for Everyone: An Honest Farewell happening?

The last farewell to Honest Ed’s is happening from February 23-26th, 2017.

7. Where is it happening?

This once-in-a-lifetime celebration is happening at our beloved Bargain Basement Honest Ed’s located at 581 Bloor Street.

8. What is the schedule of events for the weekend?

The schedule of events for our 4-day festival can be found here:

9. Where can I find out more about each of the events?

Descriptions of all events taking place during Toronto for Everyone: An Honest Farewell can be found  here:

10. How can I get there?

Honest Ed’s is accessible by both car and public transit. Given that there will be no parking available on-site and limited parking available around Mirvish Village, we encourage attendees to walk, bike, Uber/taxi, carpool, take public transit, and use Wheel-Trans.

TTC Subway

Honest Ed’s is located at the corner of Bathurst and Bloor. Get off the subway at Bathurst Station, and there’s no way you’ll miss the infamous Ed’s sign! Bathurst Station is an accessible subway station.

Please note that there will be no TTC subway service between Downsview and St George stations on February 25 and 26 due to scheduled TTC signal upgrades. All trains on Line 1 will turn back southbound at St George Station so please plan your commute accordingly. Shuttle buses will operate between Downsview and Lawrence West stations only during this closure. Customers are encouraged to use existing east-west bus/streetcar routes to the Yonge portion of Line 1 or north-south bus routes to Line 2. Additional service is being added to these routes during the subway closure. Customers travelling on Line 2 who wish to travel northbound, should transfer at Yonge-Bloor Station. There is no shuttle bus service from St George Station. Wheel-Trans buses will operate between Downsview and St George stations upon request. Customers can speak with any TTC staff member to request the service.

TTC Streetcar

The 511 Bathurst Streetcar (Northbound) operates from Exhibition Loop via east on Fleet Street and north on Bathurst Street to Bathurst Station. The route map can be found here:

Driving Directions

You can map your destination here.


  • Don Valley Parkway South to Bayview Avenue/Bloor Street exit
  • Go West on Bloor Street
  • Continue until you hit Bathurst Street
  • Destination is on your left hand side


  • Gardiner Expressway East to Lake Shore Blvd / Jameson Ave exit
  • Merge onto Lake Shore Blvd West
  • Turn left on Fleet Street
  • Turn left on Bathurst Street until you reach Bloor Street
  • Destination will be on your left hand side

11. Will there be parking available?

There will be no parking available on-site and limited parking available around Mirvish Village. We encourage attendees to walk, bike, Uber/taxi, carpool, take public transit, and use Wheel-Trans. If driving, we encourage you to leave yourself enough extra time to arrive and find street parking in and around the area.


12. How much do tickets for each event cost?

Town Hall for All Community Hub

  • Thursday February 23 - Sunday February 26
  • Programming available for all ages. See programming schedule.
  • Various days and times. See programming schedule.
  • Free (Registration required for most sessions)

Goodbyes & Good Buys: Market City

  • Friday February 24 - Sunday February 26
  • Friday (12-8pm), Saturday (9-3pm), Sunday (11-6pm)
  • Open to all ages. Family-friendly 
  • Free (No registration required)

Ed Lives! Opening Night Extravaganza

  • Thursday February 23, 6pm
  • 19+ only
  • Ticket cost: $259.99 + HST

aMAZEment Immersive Art Maze

  • Friday February 24 - Sunday February 26
  • Open to all ages. Family friendly. 
  • Various entry times over the weekend
  • Ticket cost: $16.49
  • Seniors (over 65), Kids (under 12) and anyone requiring a mobility device can enter free directly at the door, no registration required.  

Special Event: aMAZEment & aMAZEing Craft Beer Tour featuring Collective Arts Brewing & Friends    

  • Friday February 24, 5-10pm
  • Entry times from 5-6pm, 7-8pm, and 9-10pm
  • 19+ only
  • Ticket cost: $21.49
  • Ticket does not include craft beer sample tokens. Tokens will be available for purchase on site.

Bargain Bash: Official Honest Ed’s Farewell Party

  • Saturday February 25, doors open at 9pm
  • 19+ only
  • Ticket cost: $26.49
  • Seniors (over 65) enter free directly at the door 

13. Where can I purchase tickets?

To buy tickets for Ed Lives! Cocktail Gala, click here.

To buy tickets for aMAZEment Immersive Art Maze and/or Bargain Bash Farewell Party, click here. Tickets for the A-Maze-ing Beer Tour by Collective Arts Brewery and Friends can also be found on this link.

To register and reserve your spot for any of the free programming happening at the Town Hall for All Community Hub, click here. Registration for Community Hub programming will open during the week of February 6. Sign up to our mailing list to be the first to know!

Tickets can also be purchased at the Toronto for Everyone box office starting Feb 14. More details below!

14. Why is the cost of Ed Lives! so high?

Ed Lives! Is the opening night of An Honest Farewell and the official launch of Toronto for Everyone, a new initiative by the Centre for Social Innovation that invites you to take a stand for inclusion and co-create an inclusive and collaborative city. All proceeds raised from Ed Lives! go towards making An Honest Farewell accessible and affordable, so that all Torontonians can be part of this historic event.

14. Will I be able to purchase tickets for more than one event at once?

Tickets for each event must be bought separately, with the exception of aMAZEment and Bargain Bash, which can be purchased together.

15. Will I be able to purchase tickets for my friends and family?

Of course! You can purchase as many tickets as you would like for each event. All purchased tickets will be emailed to the buyer and they may distribute them to their friends and family as they wish. Please note: registration for the community hub is limited to three sessions per person to make it more accessible to many.

16. I bought tickets for an event but didn’t receive a confirmation email. What do I do?

Not to worry! Please email with your order number, name, and the number and type of ticket(s) you purchased and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

17. I think I typed in the wrong email address when I registered for tickets, and as a result, didn’t receive a confirmation email. What do I do?

Not to worry! Please email with your order number, name, and the number and type of ticket(s) you purchased and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

18. I bought tickets to the aMAZEment Immersive Art Maze, but am not sure that I will be able to make the time slot on my ticket. What should I do?

We encourage all attendees to arrive at the event based on the time for which they bought their ticket. That said, we understand that plans change and delays happen, and so your aMAZEment ticket will be valid for entry any time on the day for which you’ve purchased the ticket (e.g. If you bought a ticket for Sunday at 1:00PM and end up arriving at 3:00PM on Sunday instead, you will still be allowed to enter).

19. What are my options if I am unable to afford tickets to the events? Are there any events that are free?

There are! The Town Hall for All Community Hub and the Goodbyes & Good Buys Market City are both free experiences that run throughout the festival.

19. Why do I have to register for Town Hall for All Community Hub if it’s free?

Although all programming happening at the Town Hall for All Community Hub will be free for all to attend, there is limited capacity for each session. Registering in advance will guarantee you a spot in the sessions of your choice and save you the hassle and uncertainty of waiting in line on the day of for stand-by tickets. To make this event accessible to as many people as possible, each person can attend up to a maximum of three Community Hub events. Check out the Community Hub calendar of sessions here.

20. What are my options if I am unable to purchase tickets online?

Not to worry! To ensure that the ticketing process is as accessible as possible, we will have a physical box office set up at the Hero Burger at Bloor and Bathurst from Feb 14-26. Community members will be able to walk in and purchase tickets using either cash or credit during its hours of operation.

21. Where is the box office located?

The box office is located on the south-west corner of Bathurst and Bloor at the former Hero Burger location.

22. When will the box office be open?

The box office will open on February 14th and will accept cash and credit only. Individuals without access to a computer can also sign up for sessions at the community hub. 

Box office hours are:

  •     Monday - Friday: 12pm - 2pm & 5pm - 7pm
  •     Saturday - Sunday: 11am - 2pm

Please note: the box office will be open all throughout the festival for information andticket purchase (subject to availability)

23. Will I be able to buy tickets at the venue on the day of the events?

Depending on availability, tickets will be available for purchase at the box office throughout the festival. However, we would recommend purchasing your tickets in advance to guarantee yourself a ticket and avoid waiting in line on the day of the event. Check out our Facebook event page for updates.

23. Do I need to bring printed tickets (for paid events) or proof of registration (for community hub sessions)?

Tickets will be scanned at the door for each of the event. For entry into the event, you may show us the electronic ticket that was emailed to you following your ticket purchase, or a printed version of the same ticket.

The only exception to this rule will be the drop-in events at the Community Hub: Honest Eggs: Saturday Morning Cartoons & Cereal, No Fare, Family Affair; Toronto Remembers - Retro Ice cream Social, No Fare, Community Affair, and A Memorial for Honest Ed's: Hosted by the Dying Well Collective which require no registration.

Goodbyes and Good buys: Market City requires no registration or ticket for entry.

24. Is there re-entry for any of the events?

Each ticket can only be scanned once and there will be no re-entry for any of the events, with the exception of drop-in events at the Town Hall for All Community Hub.


25. What is the mission of the IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility Committee)?
We aspire to create space and programming that will indeed be “for Everyone” and will reflect the diversity of the GTA population by way of honouring and keeping the memory of Honest Ed’s alive to its community and to Toronto.

We aim to flag potential barriers to accessibility in all its forms and address them to the best of our ability. We will attempt to gather information and consult with experts with both professional and lived experience on topics related to inclusion, accessibility, diversity and equity in an attempt to predict these barriers and create opportunities for all to participate and feel there is space for them within our walls (and alleyway). We are committed to recognizing that mistakes will be made and we are therefore open to, and encourage, feedback on how we can do better together:

26. How is this event accessible to those who have different needs?

Toronto for Everyone is working with different partners to ensure that the space and events are as accessible as possible.

  • Ed Lives! Cocktail Gala: Wheelchair Accessible and ASL
  • aMAZEment Immersive Art Maze: ~40% of the maze is Wheelchair Accessible. All those using a mobility device interested in attending aMAZEment may enter for free directly at the accessibility entrance in the Honest Ed's Alley
  • Bargain Bash: Wheelchair Accessible (elevator use required to access two floors)
  • Goodbyes and Good buys: Wheelchair Accessible
  • Town Hall for All: Wheelchair Accessible (use of ramp), ASL available, and limited assisted listening devices.

If you have any questions, please contact or

27. How is this event accessible to various age ranges?

The aMAZEment Immersive Art Maze, which runs from February 24-26, will be free for seniors (i.e. 65 years or older), children 12 years or younger and anyone using a mobility device. Please bring your ID.

28. Is this event child-friendly?

The aMAZEment Immersive Art Maze, which runs from February 24-26, will be free for children under 12 years of age. There are many other free child-friendly events in the Townhall for All: Community Hub. Check out the Community Hub ticketing page for specifics.

29. How are you ensuring that this event is inclusive to all of Toronto’s populations?

With inclusivity at the centre of our mandate, we strive to co-create this experience with - and make it accessible to - as many Torontonians as possible! CSI and the TO4E team acknowledges that the work of building equity and inclusion is an imperfect learning process and that we all have room to grow. We are deeply committed to being held accountable should our actions, policies or language contribute to the exclusion or oppression of community members, in any way. Some steps we've taken to embody Ed's philosophy of inclusivity include:

Free events: Both the Town Hall for All Community Hub and Goodbyes Good Buys Market City events, which take place throughout the weekend, are free. Additionally, free tickets to aMAZEment will be distributed to a range of community organizations across Toronto to distribute to community members who may not otherwise be able to access the event.

Fairly Priced Events: With the exception of Ed Lives! Cocktail Gala (the proceeds of which will go towards making the rest of the weekend's events as accessible as possible), both aMAZEment Immersive Art Maze and Bargain Bash Farewell Party are priced only at the amount needed to cover the cost of the event.

Diversity: We have attempted to reflect the diversity of the GTA population in our planning team, and have used demographic surveys to use data as benchmarks and identify gaps. Our learnings on this process - where we excelled and where we failed - will be included in a final report shared with the public.

Multi-sensory: The programming at our events, particularly the aMAZEment Immersive Art Maze, seek to activate multiple senses - sight, sound, and touch - such that people of all abilities can be immersed.

Box office: Understanding that not everyone may be able to purchase tickets online, a physical box office will be set up at Bathurst and Bloor starting on Feb 14 for community members to pop in, learn more about the event, and buy their tickets.

Outreach: Our promotion and outreach efforts extend well beyond the Twitterverse and Insta-worlds and include street teams that have gone out into communities and met Torontonians face to face.

Anti-Oppression Training: Equity consultant, Rania El Mugammar, led an anti-oppression training session with volunteers and consulted on various inclusion measures.

IDEA (Inclusivity, Diversity, Equity, Accessibility) Committee: We've also put together a committee including Sarah Luca, Raad Seraj, Chana Weinstein and Marcus Huynh who are dedicated to making sure the festival as a whole is as inclusive and accessible as possible.

IDEA Committee Consultants: The Committee Consultants include Shilbee Kim & Timna Ben-Ari who are in charge of working to ensure the event stays accountable to its goal of being For Everyone, as much as possible. This has included supplying each department with an Inclusivity Checklist, that had previously been reviewed by other consultants - Rania El Mugammar, Denise Booth, and Karen Lewellen, with diverse lived and professional experience - which has been used by each department to audit themselves and flag potential gaps, that we can hopefully work towards filling. The IDEA Committee Leads are planning to gather all feedback and learnings from the event to inform a report shared publicly in the spring, which they hope can be used as a resource to other people hoping to create their own inclusive events, as well as an opportunity to learn from our mistakes and share those learnings! These learnings are being gathered via a demographic survey of the entire event team (which is being analyzed with the help of consultant, Ashraful Hasan), the results from the inclusivity checklists, as well as any anecdotal feedback received. If you’d like to reach out to the Inclusivity Leads, you can do so at, or by calling 416-644-1033

We also want to own up to our mistakes and use them as learning moments, and we thank people in advance for their patience, wisdom, experiences, emotions, and forgiveness that will shape our work towards fulfilling this aspirational vision.

While we know this process won’t be perfect, we will commit to transparency and honesty with our goals, successes and failures so that we can learn together and keep each other accountable on making the design of events like this and, by extension, city planning truly for everyone.

Have more ideas on how we can make Toronto for Everyone: An Honest Farewell more inclusive? Shoot us an email at We’d love to hear from you!


30. How can I volunteer with this event?

Thank you for your interest in volunteering! Unfortunately, we have closed applications, but look forward to seeing you at the festival.

31. How can I get involved with Toronto for Everyone as a partner?

Shoot us an email at telling us a bit about who you are and how you might like to partner with us and we’ll be in touch soon!

32. How can I donate to Toronto for Everyone?

Thank you so much for your interest in helping build and grow this movement of co-creating one of the world’s most inclusive cities! You can donate to Toronto for Everyone, and help make this event accessible to as many people as possible, here.

33. Where will all proceeds/profits from Toronto for Everyone go?

All proceeds from the event will go directly towards the Social Innovation Institute Foundation and its Toronto for Everyone Fund, which invites you to co-create an inclusive and collaborative city with us through its campaign and educational events. Charitable tax receipts will be provided for any donation over $100.


34. Who do I contact for media-related inquiries?

Please send all media-related inquiries, including requests for statements and interviews to

35. Who do I contact for general event-related inquiries?

Please send all general event-related inquiries to and we’ll do our best to get back to you as soon as we can!


36. Can I bring anything to swap that isn't listed in the swappable items on the Zero Waste Sunday page? 

This swap is specifically for arts and media so we will not be accepting clothes, toys, household items or things of that nature. If you are unsure if your item qualifies ask our Facebook page or bring it over and we can have a look.

37. What if I can't spend all my tickets?

You are welcome to give your tickets to a friend or to a stranger nearby, they will surely appreciate it! Tickets have no value after the event.

38. What happens to any leftover items?

If items are left at the end of the swap we will be giving them to a registered charity so they get to people in need.

39. Is each item valued at 1 swap ticket?
a.     1 ticket  = DVD’s, CD’s, Blu-Rays, video games, softcover books, unframed art, posters.
b.     2 tickets = Hardcover books, small framed art, small sculptures.
c.     3 tickets = Large framed arts, large sculptures

40. What items will not be accepted at the swap?

Broken items that you would not pass on to a friend

41. Is there drop-off parking available?

No drop-off parking available on site, but there are plenty of public transit options available - please see question 10.

42. How does the Swap work?

Drop your item at the SWAP drop off station. There you will be given a number of tickets per item. All items will be sorted into appropriate categories. Those with swapping tickets will be allowed at the SWAP ZONE free of charge.  After 3 p.m., swap tickets can be purchased for $1 per item and everyone can access the SWAP ZONE.

43. What should I bring on the day of the swap if I’ve already dropped off goods?

Bring your swap tickets and bags for bringing home anything you pick up.  Bring some extra cash to enjoy the street food and craft Ontario beer from Collective Arts Brewery.

44. How can I show off my items on social media?

Use the hashtag #TO4E on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Make sure to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Instagram.

45. What are you doing with the leftover items?

Any items left over will be donated to Canadian Diabetes Association