The Centre for Social Innovation (CSI) was founded in 2004 in Toronto and is one of the first co-working spaces in the world. We are a non-profit social enterprise that is home to over 1000 social mission organizations working across every sector to foster a world where we put people and planet first. We are absolutely thrilled to have this unique opportunity for city building to honour the legacy of Honest Ed’s and celebrate the future of Toronto by bringing together the best this city has to offer. Toronto for Everyone embodies our work fuelling a new economy that is inclusive, collaborative and solutions driven.


Toronto for Everyone (TO4E) is the city we want to co-create. A place where we all belong, where we can see ourselves--our cultures, our ideals, our history--in the very fabric of our city. We believe that Toronto can be the global model for inclusivity, community and social innovation. Honest Ed’s may be closing its doors, but Ed’s legacy is his unique ability to foster community can carry on. For years, Ed opened his doors to immigrant families, hosted street parties and gave away free turkeys. Now it’s time for us to carry the torch through all of our city and community building initiatives, starting with TO4E this February 23-26, 2017.

#torontoforeveryone #TO4E


We aspire to create space and programming that will indeed be "for Everyone" and will reflect the diversity of the GTA population by way of honouring and keeping the memory of Honest Ed's alive to its community and to Toronto.

We aim to flag potential barriers to accessibility in all its forms and address them to the best of our ability. We will attempt to gather information and consult with experts with both professional and lived experience on topics related to
inclusionaccessibilitydiversity and equity in an attempt to predict these barriers and create opportunities for all to participate and feel there is space for them within our walls (and alleyway). We are committed to recognizing that mistakes will be made and we are therefore open to, and encourage, feedback on how we can do better together. You may contact us at: inclusivity@torontoforeveryone.com.


Our team comprises of our staff and some of Toronto’s leading city-builders, marketers, community organizers, event planners, and artistic directors who have created experiences for the city’s premier arts and cultural organizations, including TEDxToronto, InFuture, Nuit Blanche, Evergreen, Summerworks, Luminato and TIFF, amongst others. What brings us together to create Toronto for Everyone is the desire to honour the legacy of Honest Ed’s and the commitment to creating inclusive experiences that foster community, belonging and a sense of wonder.

Executive Director of the Centre for Social Innovation: Adil Dhalla

Co-Producers: Hima Batavia and Negin Sairafi
Lead Project Manager: Mathura Mahendren

Director of Programming: Angie Camara
Programming Project Manager: Rachel Fender
Artistic Directors: Alex Rand, Shana Hillman, Carolyn Tripp
Market Director: Marina Queirolo
Market Project Manager: Elena Mahno
Market Assistant: Daniel Taylor
Music Director: Tanya Van Luven
Artist Managers: Dawn Laing, Aimee Ross
Community Directors: Shama Ahmed, Stefan Hosteller
Inclusivity Consultant: Raad Seraj
Programming Assistant: Peter Harte
Programming Assistant: Cecilia Rivera

Director of Marketing: Lisa Trudeau
Digital Manager: Emma Truax
PR Director: Wendy Bairos
Community Managers:
Marcus Huynh, Sarah Luca
Social Media Managers:
Kyle Shantz, Momin Ahmad
Creative Leads: Bettina Carating, Nicole Charles, Yan Li

Director of Logistics: Niya Bajaj
Logistics Project Manager: Bernadette Le-Quang
Director of Public Experience: Kate Clegg
Public Experience Lead: Marushka Rodrigues
Public Experience Project Manager: Susan Debreceni
Farewell Party Lead: Muriel Alexander
Farewell Party Lead: Tony Colley

Farewell Party Lead: Mabel Chan
Cocktail Gala Director: April Wozny
Cocktail Gala Assistant: Julia Weir
Production Manager: Kathleen Hemsworth
Food Manager: Carla Grossi

Technical Director: Micah Champagne
Accessibility Coordinator: Chana Weinstein
Assistant Technical Director: Emma Alderman
Event Schedule Manager: Shihab Shahriar
Volunteer Managers: Nikki Valletta, Henry Dillon

Director of Partnerships: Erin Thomson
Partnerships Project Manager: Silvia Yee
Partnership Lead: Kristin Macintosh
In-Kind Partnership Lead: Cait O'Neill

Inclusivity Committee
Consultant: Shilbee Kim
Consultant: Timna Ben-Ari
Consultant: Rania El Mugammar
Consultant: Denise Booth
Consultant: Karen Lewellen
Consultant: Ashraful Hasan