Now is the time to apply! We are calling on Toronto creators to collaborate with us in transforming Honest Ed’s for the official farewell event. Make history with us, and submit your application to be part of the official program from February 23-26, 2017.

Application Window
Public Experience & Artistic Residency: Submissions closed on December 2, 2016. Thank you to all who submitted a proposal.
Community Hub: Submissions closed on December 9, 2016. Thank you to all who submitted a proposal.

Scroll down for application forms.

Who should apply? 
CSI's Toronto for Everyone invites creators, artists and programmers to co-create this historic experience. We aspire to create spaces and programming that will indeed be “for Everyone” and will reflect the diversity of the GTA population.

What are the various programming opportunities?

1. Community Hub
The Community Hub will be a destination for any/all individuals, community groups and organizations to lead 1-3 hour portions of programming including, but not limited to: workshops, panel discussions, presentations and shows.

The Hub is intended as a complementary space for all feelings, conversations, and expressions that relate to Honest Ed’s and inclusivity in Toronto.

Proposals are encouraged from all community groups, individuals and organizations - as we invite you to collaborate, create, and lead programming for all ages and backgrounds.

2. Artist Residency  
We are seeking up to 10 multi-disciplinary artists to participate as a collective in a 7-day collaborative residency to transform various sites within Honest Ed’s.The collective will be chosen by committee on a point system and measured against the strongest connection to the proposal outline.

Artists will participate in group sessions in January to co-create a vision and work(s) to animate locations in and/or around Honest Ed’s (e.g. a room, staircases) to open the exhibition. Artists must be available for the design session and full residency. Media will also be invited and the process will be documented.

The following are minimum collaborative time commitments:
• Honest Ed’s pre-closing walk through: December 12, 2016
• Inspiration Brainstorm: December 14, 2016
• Honest Ed’s Walk post-closing walk through: January 10, 2017
• Design Sessions: January 19, 21 & 24
• Residency: February 12-18

Note: Locations & times are to be determined collectively. For the week of February 12-18 artists are required to have daily availability.

3. Public Experiences: Multi-disciplinary Exhibition & Farewell Party
We are aiming to transform the interior of Honest Ed's into a series of experiences and exhibitions that will showcase the range of incredible talent across all Toronto communities. The official celebration will feature a party on Saturday February 25, for which we are also accepting talent submissions. These immersive and interactive experiences require an approach that commemorates the past and marks the present, while collaboratively looking towards the future. Let your imagination guide you.

Proposals are encouraged from creators working across all disciplines and artistic practices, including but not limited to: painting, photography, visual arts, sound and light design, sculpture, videography, dance, music and theatre. We are providing a platform for fresh and underrepresented voices, unique perspectives and seek to create a culture of belonging.

Suggested Topics:
City Building: community, social innovation, inclusive design, gentrification, inclusivity
Economic Vitality: retail, consumption, entrepreneurship, global image
Cultural Fabric: identity, visible minorities, access, diversity, equality, new and 1st generation Canadians

When are these events taking place?
Thursday, February 23: Media Preview & Patron Cocktail
Friday, February 24: Morning Dance Party, Public Experience & Evening Programming
Saturday, February 25: Public Experience & Farewell Party
Sunday, February 26: Public Experience
Thursday February 23-26, Day & Night: Community Hub & Market City

What are the budgets & compensation?

• We hope to include everyone that submits a proposal and will make every effort to do so. Given the time sensitivity and minimal capital of this project, we can only commit to these budgets with hopes that if we reach our fundraising goals, we would increase on a case by case basis. Therefore, if you have an amazing idea that is outside of budget, we encourage you to submit it. 
• Multi-Disciplinary Exhibition: $500 Honorarium + Cost of Material (up to $1,000 budget request) 
• Dance & Theatre: $500-$1,500 Honorarium + Cost of Production (up to $1,000)
• Artist Residency: $500 Honorarium per artist + Shared material costs & a 6 month CSI Community Membership
• Community Hub: N/A (donation-based)

What kind of support will you receive?
• Free access to site-specific locations in Honest Ed’s to showcase your work
• Technical support
• Wireless internet access
• Professional documentation of your work
• Media relations coverage & support (
Note: artists should feel comfortable with media interviews as they may be required to participate)
• Free tickets to the interactive public experience and farewell party
• Marketing and promotional outreach through CSI's channels
 (Facebook: 22,000 | Newsletter: 15,000 | Twitter: 19,000)

What can you include to support your application?
• Submissions should aim to activate feelings of nostalgia, belonging and reflection
• Submissions may include the range of full room transformations, installations (e.g. sculpture, video, film) and/or performances (e.g. theatre, dance) 
• Any supplementary audio/visual materials to help us get a feel for the work

Would you like to learn more?
Information Sessions will be hosted on the below dates, and open to all:
Tuesday, November 22 at CSI Annex (Meeting Room 1), 2:00 - 3:00 p.m.
Thursday, November 24 at CSI Regent Park (Meeting Room 2), 6:00 - 7:00 p.m.

Who is the point of contact if I have any questions regarding my submission? (see instructions below)

Kindly include one of the below staff names in your subject line:
Public Exhibition & Farewell Party: Angie Camara, Programming Director
Artist Residency: Rachel Fender, Programming Project Manager
Community Hub: Shama Ahmed & Stefan Hostetter, Community Directors

How can Toronto for Everyone create a more inclusive experience? 
Send us your recommendations to:

We are eager to receive your proposal, which will be kept confidential. If you have any boundary to entry with this application, please email us explaining your situation and we will do our best to accommodate your application.