Toronto for Everyone is a vision of a city we can create together. This is a city where Indigenous peoples, settlers and generations of immigrants are weaving together cultures, ideals and histories. This is the spirit of a city where everyone belongs.

It’s not easy. There have always been forces that pull us apart. And lately, we’ve been seeing more and more moments when whole communities have been threatened.

There are so many people in this city who want to make Toronto for Everyone, but don’t always know how to be an Ally in the moments when it matters. If you feel that way, you should sign the Ally Pledge. 

If you sign the Toronto for Everyone Ally Pledge we’ll send you key tips and tools developed in collaboration with brilliant equity and inclusion educators. From standing up to Islamophobia, to building bridges with Indigenous communities, to supporting transgender people, creating accessible spaces and more, you’ll get what you need to take your next step.

Will you take your next step to be an Ally? By signing you’re saying that in 2017, you will take the next step to learn how you can:

  1. Listen with empathy and expect to learn

  2. Build respectful relationships

  3. Act out of love, not fear or hate.

Let’s rise to this moment Toronto. Sign the Pledge. Be an Ally. Make Toronto for Everyone.



The Ally Pledge is supported by the Toronto for Everyone campaign, a Centre for Social Innovation initiative that invites you to co-create an inclusive and collaborative city with us.

We’ve had many inspirations in creating this pledge, and want to especially acknowledge the work of Van Jones, the DreamCorps, and the #LoveArmy.

The Centre for Social Innovation will respect your privacy, and keep you updated about this campaign and others.