Zero Waste Sunday
Sunday, February 26 | 11AM-6PM

Zero Waste Sunday at Market City is a one-day free public event honouring Honest Ed’s retail history focused on the collaborative and sharing economy. It will be a place to swap, barter and repair products, goods and skills. An array of community experts in the area of shared economy will be featured throughout the day.

Together we want to co-create a place where conversation, education, trade and celebration of the collaborative economy happen.

Zero Waste Sunday is brought to you by: 




1. Before you leave home, plan to bring a cup, plate and cutlery. A limited number of eating utensils will be available to rent for $1.5.

2. Bring your broken appliances to learn how to repair them at the Repair Station

3. Bring along any art, books and music that you think needs a new home! Check the F&Q information for more information.

4. Drop off your items at the SWAP Drop Off Station at Market City, Friday noon to 8 p.m., Saturday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
or bring them on Sunday with you.

4. For each item you drop off, you will be given tickets in return
1 ticket  = DVD’s, CD’s, Blu-Rays, video games, softcover books, unframed art, posters.
2 tickets = Hardcover books, small framed art, small sculptures.
3 tickets = Large framed arts, large sculptures.

5. Use your tickets to pick up new art, music and books from the swap zone!

6. Dive into the pages and melodies of your newfound stuff, and then, pass it on! 


Zero Waste Street Food Market

Lets make this happen together! Before leaving your home, pick up a cup, a plate and cutlery and help us create a Zero Waste Street Food Market by reducing the amount of package goods. Before you leave home, plan to bring a cup, plate and cutlery. We will have a limited number of eating utensils available for rent for $1.5.

Collective Arts Brewing Beer Garden

Our favourite local craft brewery is setting up a beer and art garden all weekend at the market! 

Repair Station powered by Repair Cafe

Toss it away? NO Way! Bring your broken appliances to the Repair Station at Zero Waste Sunday and volunteer “fixers” will teach you how to fix them for free.

Through the process of actually doing it you will learn, value those with repair skills and contribute to reducing the amount of waste that goes to land fill.

Three repair stations will be available on Sunday.

Art, Books & Music Swap

Try swapping instead of shopping and do good by the environment. Tired of your DVDs, video games, books, CDs, cassettes, vinyl records, art & posters?  Bring them to Zero Waste Sunday at Honest Farewell and help them find a new home. All items must be gently used, clean, and functional. Damaged items will not be accepted.

Trading Zone

Want to trade one to one? You only have to ask for your button at the Toronto for Everyone welcome desk and then look for another person with a trader button too! The key rule is that both parties have to agree on the trade and shake their hands or fist pump at the end of the transaction.

Sharing Economy Conversations

Come learn more about organizations leading the sharing economy. Be part of the conversation with The Furniture Bank, reBOOT Canada, Toronto Youth Food Policy Council, and The Maker Bread

Sweet Memories of Honest Ed’s Makers Corner powered by The Maker Bean

Drop by and makers corner, and get your “hands dirty” using a laser cutter to cut Honest Ed’s letter signs and make sure you eat them after.